Ashwagandha Capsules ( Withania Somnifera )

Ayurvedic Energy Supplements
SKU: AM1010

  • Nervine tonic
  • Promotes restful sleep.
  • Helps in boosting adrenal functions.
  • Rejuvenating and calming effect on the nervous system.



Ashwagadha also known as ‘Indian Ginseng’, improves immunity and stamina. It is used to prevent and treat pains, nerves, tumours, and it has a positive effect on protecting and renewing cells. It’s a tonic for the hormonal system and fertility. Improves stamina; strengthens the nervous system, increases the energy level and tones muscles. It is used for sterility and infertility, to increase sexual potency and poor counts and qualities of sperms. Ashwagandha is also used as an “adaptogen” to help the body ward off daily stress and as a general tonic, anti ageing and is a good Rasayana / tissue promotive.
Principal ingredient: Extract and powder from: Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha).
Directions for Use: 1-2 tablets, once or twice daily or as prescribed by your health practitioner. Please consult with your health care practitioner prior to the use of this product if you are pregnant or nursing, taking medications, or have a medical condition. Keep out of the reach of children.
Possible Contraindications: High ama, not for use by pregnant women
Ayurvedic Properties:

  • RASA (Taste) – TIKTA (Bitter), KATU (Pungent) & MADHURA (Sweet)

  • GUNA (Main Quality) – LAGHU (Light) & SNIGADH or SNEHA (Unctuous or Oily)

  • VIRYA (Potency) – USHNA (Hot)

  • VIPAKA(Post digestive effect) – MADHURA (Sweet)

  • PRABHAVA (Therapeutic Effect) – Rejuvenation & Tonic

  • Dosha – Pacifies KAPHA & VATA

Weight : 85 g
Dimensions : 5 x 5 x 10 cm

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