Brahmi Capsules (Bacopa monnieri)

Mental Function Enhancer and Anxiety relief

Size: 60 Caps

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  • For enhancing Memory, Concentration and For Anxiety relief
  • Brain tonic
  • Rejuvenates the mind
  • Promote cerebral circulation



Brahmi improves mental performance. Brahmi promotes better blood flow to the brain, maintains healthy nerve and brain function, and balances the neurological system.

It also aids in reducing epileptic attacks when used as an oil for external head massage.

It improves mental clarity and alertness and supports strong memory, focus, and a proactive mind. On a regular basis, its calming influence on the nervous system and the mental peace it imparts help combat anxiety and advance mental well-being.

Helps soothe the mind's hyperactive vata function, which can create mental health issues like stress, insomnia, and worry. Brahmi has been used for ages as a brain tonic by Vaidyas all over the world and in various forms of Indian traditional medicine to improve cerebral functions. As a "mental function enhancer," this effect or feature has been aptly described in classical writings as MEDHYA RASAYANA.

By boosting brain functioning, regular usage of it reduces a person's propensity for depression. Brahman is the term used in Vedic philosophy to refer to the universal awareness. Brahmi is a name derived from Brahman, which means "energy of universal consciousness" in its literal sense. a fitting name for a miraculous herb that has been used for ages to enhance memory, intelligence, and focus.

Aids in preventing bodily inflammation brought on by pitta and recurring fever.

Ingredients :
Bacopa monnieri.

Dosage : 
1 or 2 tablets twice a day.

Precaution :
Keep out of reach of children.

Indications :

  • For enhancing Memory, Concentration and For Anxiety relief.
  • Brain tonic.
  • Rejuvenates the mind.
  • Promote cerebral circulation.

Contra-indications :

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