Yoni Pichu Oil

Size: 118 ml

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The Oil Remedy for gynaecological diseases, subsides pain and helps in case of ulcers. Yoni Pichu is a special healing product for the female vagina. With sterilizing and cleansing effects when applied to the affected area, the herbal remedy prevents fungal and yeast infections, works as a remedy for ulcers, post-menopausal vaginal dryness and damaged pelvic tissues. 

The healing and strengthening properties of Yoni Pichu is known to nourish the vaginal areas to prevent spread of diseases and increases immunity.

Yoni pichu is also an effective solution for inflammation and infertility. It has a soothing effect after it is inserted into the vagina which helps in relaxing the area and gradually normalizing the entire system.

 Indications :
Promotes vaginal health by healing damaged tissues.
Remedy for ulcers, internal vaginal pain and dryness.
Prevents infections and works as an antiseptic medicine.

Precautions :
To be done strictly under Expert Physician’s Supervision or guidance

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