Deterioration of the bones is Osteoporosis. The tissues and masses of the bones shrink, which causes the bones to become weaker. Osteoporosis kills silently because it lacks any obvious signs. The bones become totally permeable as a result. Hip, spine, and wrist fractures could result from this illness. These days, osteoporosis severely affects people of all ages.

Some useful home remedies for Osteoporosis

  1. APPLE

It is common knowledge that calcium is necessary for the formation of bones. However, boron is a vital mineral that aids in the body's ability to hold onto calcium. It also functions as an estrogen substitute. Apples are very boron-rich foods. It is advised to include apples in the daily diet. Thus, osteoporosis is avoided.


An excellent natural treatment for osteoporosis is banana. The potassium content in bananas is high. This aids in keeping the body's blood level balanced. This ultimately discourages calcium ingestion. The body gets its calcium back. Thus, osteoporosis is avoided. For women, it comes highly recommended.


Another effective at-home treatment for osteoporosis is dandelion tea. It has numerous anti-oxidants and anti-microbial qualities. It assists in stopping the calcium from people's bones from leaking out. For the purpose of avoiding osteoporosis, this is crucial. Dandelion tea can help you stay healthy and avoid osteoporosis.


Sprouts contain a lot of vitamin K. It aids in maintaining bone density. This stops the problem caused by low bone density from occurring. Regular consumption of sprouts is encouraged. Osteoporosis is prevented by maintaining bone density in this way.



  • Routinely perform exercises
  • Apply oil and massage the region. This stops the vata from building up in various areas.
  • Quit smoking. It reduces the chance that people will lose calcium from their bodies.


So, adhere to the advice and live a healthy life by using home remedies!!