Trigeminal Neuralgia

Numerous circumstances exist in the world that suppress hunger, slow down metabolism, and result in thinness through refusal to eat. However, consider a scenario in which you have a strong desire for something but are unable to consume a single glass of water at a time. The frightening aspect of trigeminal neuralgia is that.

Trigeminal neuralgia makes you aware of how cables transmit an electric signal over a great distance.

Nerves are responsible for transmitting electrical signals from the brain to different regions of the body. However, trigeminal neuralgia occurs when the sheath that protects these nerves deteriorates for numerous causes. Trauma may be the cause of the protective sheath deterioration. However, lesions, tumors, and other things might occasionally cause this as well. Trigeminal neuralgia is the most excruciating pain a person may experience.


A precise cause for the condition was found after a thorough investigation of Ayurveda for a response to this topic. Excessive vata dosha is the cause of trigeminal neuralgia. Due to an overabundance of vata dosha, the myelin sheath degrades, allowing two electric signals from separate neurons to cross and producing the electric shock type of pain in this disease. That is the Ayurvedic understanding of trigeminal neuralgia.

Some useful home remedies for Trigeminal Neuralgia

There are certain at-home therapies that can aid with the pain's immediate control. Here are some examples of these DIY cures:

  1. CURE 1:

Take a cloth, immerse it in warm water, and squeeze whenever you feel the startling pain radiating again. Next, apply it to the area that is causing you pain. We refer to it as a warm compress.

  1. CURE 2:

Using a water bath approach, warm a tiny amount of mustard oil. When it's warm, apply it to the afflicted area and gently massage, being careful not to aggravate the discomfort. For best effects, apply this heated oil twice a day at least.

  1. CURE 3:

Applying oil is part of this cure. The oil yields remarkable benefits and may be made with great ease. The following steps outline what needs to be done:

  • Use a utensil to warm up 100 milliliters of mustard oil.
  • Next, add five to six garlic cloves to the oil and allow them to brown completely. After they are golden brown, remove the utensil from the heat source and allow the oil to cool somewhat.
  • Transfer it into a glass bottle after that.

*Applying this oil should be done as soon as the discomfort begins or intensifies. After application, the startling feeling will pass and pain will be relieved.


For any disease, there are dos and don'ts, the majority of which must be adhered to in order to experience prompt recovery from your ailment. There are two kinds of these trigeminal neuralgia dos and don'ts: those pertaining to diet and lifestyle. So let's go over them in more depth.

Lifestyle changes

  • Direct exposure to a cold environment should be avoided.
  • Get enough sleep and observe a healthy sleep-wake cycle.
  • Continue to lead a decent lifestyle.
  • Regularly practice yoga and other forms of exercise.
  • Reduce your stress because it can exacerbate your discomfort; • If you have anger control problems, you must do anger management.
  • Pay attention to your bowel movements.

Diet changes

  • Regularly drink neither hot nor cold water.
  • Give up consuming too many dairy products.
  • Consume food that is simple to digest.
  • Steer clear of hearty legumes like black lentils and kidney beans, among others.
  • Steer clear of eggplant and capsicum.
  • Steer clear of food that is difficult to chew.
  • Give up consuming any kind of processed or packaged food.
  • Add ghee from cows to your diet.