Akhrot, Walnut (Juglans regia)

The majority of us are also aware of the health advantages of these nuts, including almonds, walnuts, and pistachios, among others. They are incredibly rich sources of numerous rare minerals that are not present in our everyday foods, therefore including them in a regular diet is crucial. Another justification for munching is their great flavor, of course.

Here, we'll focus mostly on walnuts, which are among the healthiest nuts to eat and offer just as many nutritional advantages as other nuts.

The kernel of a walnut, which is shaped like a butterfly and closely resembles the structure of our brain, is housed inside a hard yet fragile shell. The fruit is abundant in protein, vegetable fats, and carbs. The fruit belongs to the Juglanduceae family and is referred to by its Latin name, Juglans Regia.

Common synonyms

  • English name – Walnut, Persian Walnut, Butternut, White Walnut, etc.
  • Hindi name – Akhrot
  • Sanskrit name – Aksot, Sailabhava, Karparala.
  • Punjabi name – Akharota
  • Kannada name – Akaroda pappu
  • Marathi name – Akrod


There are numerous species of walnut trees, most of which are deciduous. These trees have a height range of 30 to 130 feet.

U.S.A. and Canada are the native home of these trees. When the nut is immature, the fruit is often enclosed in a thick, green husk. As the nut ripens, however, it rips apart this thick husk, revealing the hard-shelled walnut fruit inside.

The nut has an oily flavor since the kernels' fat content, which can reach 50%, also contributes to this flavor. The primary chemical components of this plant are tannins and the walnut oil it contains.



Hindi / Sanskrit


Rasa (Taste)



Guna (Quality)

Sara, Snigdha, Guru 

Flowing Nature, Smooth, Heavy

Virya (Potency)



Vipaka (Post-Digestive Taste)



Special Activity

According to Ayurvedic research and expertise, several herbs have unique actions apart from their typical qualities. These herbs' effects can occasionally be helpful in treating serious health conditions that might not be treated as easily in other circumstances.

The term "Prabhava" in Ayurveda refers to this activity carried out by specific plants.

Therefore, walnut has a unique role to perform in the overall management of all illnesses that are vata vitiated. It enhances bodily strength and anabolism while calming the Vata and Kapha energies. It strengthens the body from the inside out and is helpful for the heart and reproductive system.

Common Properties

  • Walnut is a very effective anti-oxidant source since it contains tannins, as well as numerous beneficial fats and minerals. It is a natural source that supports the vigor and longevity of our bodies.
  • Walnut has a beneficial effect on the heart by lowering blood levels of bad cholesterol, which cause plaque buildup and the emergence of heart problems.
  • It is one of those less well-known beneficial fats that aid in the process of weight loss. To lose weight safely and quickly, one should swap bad sources of fat for good ones like walnuts.
  • A brain food is a walnut, so the saying goes. This is due to its incredible abundance of omega-3 fatty acids, which are crucial for maintaining steady and healthy brain function.
  • This nut's hot potency aids in defending the body from cold strokes and chilblains. It can be applied externally to treat skin rashes and edema brought on by chills.
  • Walnut is used for cosmetic purposes to improve the texture and sheen of skin and hair. For the same reason, it is a common ingredient in shampoos, conditioners, and lotions.
  • Due to its astringent and germicidal qualities, walnut aids in the treatment of respiratory infections, sore throats, and pharyngeal infections.
  • Additionally, walnut bark has certain therapeutic uses. When its decoction is administered to a person with intestinal worms, it can help him get rid of the worms while also clearing his bowels.
  • It has been reported that applying walnut bark paste externally to a goiter enlargement significantly reduces edema.
  • Walnuts are beneficial for joints. In cases of arthritis, osteoarthritis, and gout, they aid in lowering joint inflammation and enhancing joint mobility.


10-20 g.

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