Gokshura / Puncture Vine / Tribulus Terrestris

The herb known as gokshura is tiny, prostrate, and covered with silky hair. The leaves of the gokshura plant are stipulate, opposite, typically uneven, pinnate, with 5-8 pairs of oblong, mucronate leaflets. Solitary, axillary, or leaf-opposed, yellow, or white blooms are seen on gokshura plants. Gokshura seeds are obliquely pendulous, globose, hairy, five-angled, and spinous with two long and two short spines on each cocci.

General Description

Its ability to increase male sex power makes it one of the most well-known herbs in the world. In particular, southern Europe, Asia, all of Africa, and Australia are home to Gokshura. Other common names are cat's head, devil's eyelashes, devil's weed, devil's thorn, bindii, caltrop, Burra gokharu, Gokshura, puncture vine, and tackweed.

Gokshura is regarded as the best aphrodisiac in Ayurveda. Gokshura (Tribulus fruits) is utilized as a powder in ancient Ayurvedic writings together with milk to achieve the finest results for enhancing male sex strength and enhancing sexual performance.

It may be found in woodlands, and during the Dussehra holiday, followers of the Hindu religion used it as a form of worship. Gokshura, also known as "Puncture Vine" or Tribulus is a wonderful healing plant with a wide range of properties according to Ayurvedic traditions. It has been shown to increase Luteal Hormone in both men and women, which results in an increase in testosterone.

One intriguing idea found in Ayurvedic texts is known as Yatra Akrutihi, tatra gunaaha vasanti. It states that if an herb's shape resembles an organ, then it is most likely to be beneficial for treating the associated organ's condition. Gokshura fruits are highly efficient in treating oxalate kidney and bladder stones since they are similar to those types of stones.


Kingdom - Plantae

Order - Zygophyllales

Family - Zygophyllaceae


Gokshura or Tribulus are popular names for Tribulus Terrestris. It is indigenous to sub-Himalayan woods in a number of nations, including Burma, Burma, and India.

Gokshura Names

Latin name - Tribulus terrestris

Common name - Gokshur

Sanskrit name - Gokshuraka, Trikata, Svadamshtra, Traikantaka

Bengali name - Gokshura, Gokhri

English name - Caltrops, Puncture vine

Assamese name - Gokshura, Gukhurkat

Hindi name - Gokhru

Punjabi name - Bhakhra, Gokhru

Kannada name - Sannanaggilu, Neggilamullu, Neggilu

Malayalam name - Nerinjil

Tamil name - Nerinjil, Nerunjil

Telugu name - Palleru

Marathi name - Bala, Chikana, Tupkaria

Oriya name - Gukhura, Gokhyura

Marathi name - Sarate, Gokharu

Urdu name - Khar-e-Khasak Khurd


Ayurvedic Properties


Hindi / Sanskrit


Rasa (Taste)



Guna (Physical Property)

Guru, Snigdha

Heavy, Unctuous

Virya (Potency)



Vipaka (Post-Digestive Taste)



Effects on Doshas

It helps to balance the Vata, Pitta & Kapha doshas in the body.

Charak Samhita

Sushrut Samhita


  • Sothahara - (Anti-inflammatory)
  • Mutravirecaniya - (Promotes urine flow)
  • Krmighana - (Anthelmintic)
  • Vidarigandhadi
  • Viratarvadi
  • Laghu Pancamula
  • Vidarigaiidhadi


Verse 44–46 in the 1998 version of the Bhavprakash nighantu with a detailed Hindi commentary by Padmashri Prof. K.C. Chunekar may be found on pages 292-293.

Uses and Benefits

Aphrodisiac activity

Both males and females experience an increase in desire. You feel more vibrant and energized thanks to the herb, which also helps you feel stronger and healthier. It enhances semen quality and is used as a sex enhancer.

Gall bladder and urinary disorder 

It has natural diuretic effects. This herb is excellent in treating conditions like kidney stones, urinary tract infections, and kidney stones. It encourages urine flow, calms and cools the membranes of the urinary tract, and gets rid of stones.


  • Males that take gokshur have higher testosterone levels.
  • Additionally, it works wonders for conditions like diabetes mellitus and diabetic insipidus.
  • This herb aids in increasing lean muscle mass and raises testosterone levels in males.
  • It is a potent herb that is utilized in the treatment of obesity. The herb also gives people more strength.
  • Gokshur works well for migraines and severe headaches.
  • The herb treats conditions like arthritis and gout.
  • Additionally, it makes the heart work harder while assisting in the reduction of excessive cholesterol and blood pressure.

Ayumnatra Ayurvedic Product from Gokshura Tribulus terrestris 

  • Gokshura Tablets (Tribulus Terrestris)

  • Gokshura Powder (Tribulus Terrestris)
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