Dashmool Bala Oil

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Beneficial for body massage. Helps in cases of facial paralysis, numbness and weak limbs.



Dashmool Bala is made our of ten herbs with strengthening and healing properties for the bones, skin and senses. It helps the muscles and nerves to function properly without any obstructions and also eliminates weakness from the body. It is a recommended remedy for tingling sensations on the skin and the feeling of numbness due to loss of movement.
  • Strengthens the limbs and nervous system.
  • Helps in relaxing the muscles to promote healthy limbs and joints.
  • Promotes skin health and works as a remedy for facial paralysis and muscular atrophy.
Dashmool Bala helps in case of numbness and loss of movement when the oil is massaged into the skin. It can also be introduced to the body via enema, nostril instillation and massage therapy.
Weight : 118 ml
Dimensions : 5 x 5 x 10 cm

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