Pushkarmool Powder

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Anti-allergic. Promotes respiratory health, resolves discomfort, cough and chest pain. Relieves from stress and congestion.



Pushkarmool powder is a herbal remedy that is prepared especially to be used as a remedy for breathing problems. It is a solution for respiratory problems and chronic issues such as cough, asthma, cold, sinusitis, rhinitis, COPD, etc. It relieves the lungs from congestion and pain in the chest. It also helps in improving the health of the heart and resolves discomfort in the respiratory system.
  • Helps in the herbal treatment of asthma.
  • Remedy for chronic cough, cold and sinusitis.
  • Helps people suffering from bronchitis and heart diseases.
  • Reduces stress and helps in concentration.
Pushkarmool powder is an extremely effective herbal remedy that is used in case of several lungs and heart problems. It is used as an aphrodisiac and also as a remedy to reduce menstruation problems. It clears the airways, purifies the blood and stimulates the kidneys for healthy flow of urine. The wonderful remedy is made out of the roots of small flowering plants that grow above the sea level in the North-Western Himalayan border between India and Nepal.
Weight : 114 g
Dimensions : 5 x 15 x 20 cm

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