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Remedy for neurological disorders. Helps in facial palsy, chronic headache, vision impairment, etc.



Ksheerbala is one of the best ayurvedic oil for neurological disorders. The medication helps in case of headaches, minor vision problems, facial paralysis and other problems caused due to neurological imbalances in the body. Surprisingly, the herb also helps use reduce hair-fall in case the condition is caused by any nerve disorder. Ksheerbala can be depended on to help in proper functioning of the nervous system as it nourishes and strengths the system with essential healing properties.
  • Promotes proper functioning of the nervous system.
  • Remedy for neurological disorders.
  • Helps eliminate unnatural hairfall.
  • Helps calm the mind and relieves from chronic headache.
Ksheerbala is a natural remedy for inflammation caused by nerve disorders. It also helps to quite an extent in case of joint problems and spinal cord injuries. Sometimes, it can also regenerate nerves if they are not damaged entirely. The product is also widely used by ayurvedic doctors in India to repair torn ligaments and as a soothing element in case of gout.
Weight : 118 ML
Dimensions : 5 x 5 x 10 cm

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