Madhuant Tablets

90 Tablets (1000 mg). Maintains Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Quantity: 90 Tabs

Ayurvedic Energy Booster Medicines & Supplements

  • Maintains healthy blood sugar levels and promotes metabolism.
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Controls enhanced appetite due to diabetes, reduces secondary damage to other body organs and tissues.

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According to Ayurveda, diabetes is a complicated illness involving various functional entities (doshas), structural components (dhatus), and metabolic waste products (mala). Vata and Kapha are the two main doshas at play.

AyuMantra's Madhuant is a proprietary diabetes support solution, meticulously formulated from the herbo-mineral repertoire of ancient Ayurveda to satisfy the needs of maintaining optimal, healthy blood sugar levels. It is a strong blend of six herbs and a mineral that all support the body's metabolism of glucose. Due to a special 10:1 extraction method that allows maximal active component use, the potency of the herbs is increased. This combination not only improves lipid metabolism but also corrects carbohydrate metabolism, ensuring maintenance of a healthy weight and lipid levels.

Gymnema, Neem, Fenugreek, and Java plum all have bitter and astringent tastes (rasa), which Madhuant successfully mixes to counteract the elevated kapha that results in improper metabolism. According to studies, ellagic acid from amla increases the release of insulin from isolated islet cells in the pancreas, which reduces glucose intolerance. The pancreas is given a boost by java plum, which also increases the secretion of insulin, activating the body's natural ability to heal itself. The pancreas' beta cells can regenerate with the aid of neem.

Fenugreek works on the metabolic pathways shared by the metabolism of glucose and lipids, helping to properly regulate blood sugar and lipid levels.

Antioxidants and anti-apoptotic properties are also abundant in turmeric and amla. They lessen oxidative stress and aid in reducing the long-term harm brought on by elevated sugar levels. Additionally, the herbs actively work to address a number of contributing factors, such as lowering inflammation and promoting immunomodulation, which helps to enhance metabolism, boost vitality, energy, and lessen secondary organ and tissue damage brought on by diabetes.

The shilajit used in Madhuant was responsibly collected from mountains that are abundant in several types of minerals. Shilajit is a genuine Rasayana since it affects the entire organism at the cellular and molecular level. Shilajit helps to maintain kidney health in addition to blood sugar regulation because the kidneys are the final organ to experience the effects of elevated sugar levels. Chronic diabetes is also linked to neuropathic pain and muscle weakness. Shilajit is neuroprotective and increases muscular strength and healing. Additionally, it increases energy levels, which lessens exhaustion brought on by diabetes. As a result, the combo Madhuant treats the underlying causes of diabetes without producing unwanted side effects, making it an effective supplement for diabetic health.

Dosage :

1 tablet 2 times a day.

Ingredients :

  • Madhunashini (Gymnema Sylvestre leaf extract),
  • Methi dana (Fenugreek seeds extract),
  • Neem leaves (Azadirachta indica leaf extract),
  • Syzygium,
  • Cumin seed extract,
  • Phyllanthus,
  • Emblica Fruit extract,
  • Turmeric extract,
  • Shilajit.

Indications :

  • Maintains healthy blood sugar levels and promotes metabolism.
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Controls enhanced appetite due to diabetes, reduces secondary damage to other body organs and tissues.

Precaution :

To be used under the guidance of a health practitioner if pregnant or nursing or have any medical condition or are taking medications.

Keep out of the reach of children.

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