Brahmi Powder ( Bacopa monnieri )

Mental Function Enhancer and Anxiety relief

Size: 114 gm / 4oz

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Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, prevents anxiety and stress, protects against free radical damage, helps in mental rejuvenation, and promotion of healthy skin and hair.
It supports proper functioning of the nervous system. It has cooling and relaxing effects on the skin, the intestine and the mind. Brahmi powder has a special affinity to the brain. It indirectly enhances mental performance and also supports the nervous system along with improving memory power, alertness and concentration.
It purifies the blood when consumed and when applied to the scalp it naturally works to soften the texture of the hair and strengthen hair growth. The powder reduces anxiety, relieves from stress and promotes positive thoughts. It improves vitality as the power of the medicine to improve the level of energy is incredible.
Rasa -Tikta ,Kasaya Guna -Laghu Veerya -Sheeta Vipaka -Madhura

Ingredients :
Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri)

Dose :
1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon with warm water once or twice a day.

Indications :
Mental Tonic
Tranquilizes a disturbed mind.
Helps in reducing hairfall.
Improves concentration, memory and alertness.
Purifies the blood and promotes circulation.

Contra indications  :

Nausea ,Stomach upset

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