Thyro D 900 mg, 60 Tablets

Improves Metabolic Function

Size: 60 Tabs

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The metabolism and thyroid function are regulated by thyro-D. In general, Ayurveda views impaired metabolism as the root of the majority of illnesses. Thyro D by Ayumantra is a combination of historically validated herbs that detoxify the body and enhance overall metabolic health.

The use of refined, frozen foods with preservatives added and foods that have been chemically processed more often today contribute to increased metabolic disruption. This imbalance leads to thyroid disorders, obesity, PCOD, aberrant uterine growths, and anomalies in the menstrual cycle. By purifying bodily systems, detoxifying microchannels, and enhancing nutrient circulation to the tissues, Ayurveda treats various illnesses.

Dosage :
2 pills once or twice a day 

Ingredients :

Kanchanar Guggul, Kadeer, Trikatu, Triphala, Ajowain, Lavang, Punarnava & Ashwagandha.

Indications :
Solution for weight management.
Aids in the detoxification of the body.

Contraindications :

Please consult with your healthcare practitioner prior to the use of this product. If you are pregnant or nursing, taking medications, or have a medical condition. Please take this product with medical advice.

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