The process known as arteriosclerosis is characterized by thicker artery walls in the human body. The cholesterol buildup in the artery walls is the main cause of this. The term "atherosclerosis" also applies to arteriosclerosis.


The heart's ability to function is seriously jeopardized. Additionally, the circulatory system, particularly the cardiovascular system, is at grave risk. Additionally, it can endanger your life.

Inadequate nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, and mental stress are the main contributors to arteriosclerosis. This condition can cause death by blood clots, stroke, paralysis, and memory loss.

Some remedies you can do at home to treat arteriosclerosis



Arjuna is a superb herb for the heart and all of its difficulties. Arjuna trees are common; you can produce powder by collecting the bark and drying it.

Take 500 mg after each meal twice every day. You can also boil the bark to prepare a fresh infusion that you can drink twice a day.


Honey is strongly advised for persons with cardiac disorders. It has several healing qualities that support the heart's healthy performance.

Consume 1 teaspoon of honey every morning on an empty stomach.


Garlic is well known for having powerful medical characteristics, including those that are anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, and inhibit the buildup of cholesterol in blood vessels.

It also hinders the circulatory system's regular operation. For garlic to be beneficial, it must be consumed on a regular basis, either raw or cooked.

Have an empty stomach in the morning for the best effects.


To eat every day, mix half a teaspoon of pure turmeric in a glass of milk. Apply this home treatment consistently.


Another essential ingredient that aids in the treatment of arteriosclerosis is parsley.

It helps to keep the blood vessels in good condition and successfully reduces the symptoms of various cardiological diseases. It strengthens the vascular system of the body, as well as the arterial walls and blood capillaries.



In addition to these natural therapies, it's crucial to engage in some form of physical activity each day. A lot of water should be consumed as well.

Live a healthy life by using these suggestions and at-home cures!!