Bed Wetting

The process of unintentionally passing pee, particularly while sleeping, is known as bed wetting. This happens because the infants do not yet have a strong enough urge to urinate to rouse themselves from their slumber.

As people age, this issue disappears. Nonetheless, you can use the following at-home treatments to assist your infant in quitting bedwetting.


Some useful home remedies to treat Bed Wetting:


It is highly suggested that babies who have a bedwetting issue drink this juice. Give your infant this juice an hour before bedtime. To get good results, keep doing this for a predetermined amount of time on a regular basis.


For the treatment of bedwetting in young children, a herbal tea including bearberry, oak bark, and horsetail is quite beneficial. Combine all of the components listed above in a certain amount. Put the blend into water that is boiling. After covering the mixture, allow it to cool. Give a half-cup of this tea twice a day, one hour before bedtime. You will undoubtedly see results.


Cinnamon powder is a fantastic DIY solution for occasional bedwetting. Make sure your toddler chews on the cinnamon bark once a day.


Indian gooseberry, or amla, is an excellent treatment for bedwetting. Combine one teaspoon of Amla pulp with a little bit of black pepper. Give it to your kid right before bed.


Warm up the oil. When the oil is comfortably heated, rub it onto your child's lower abdomen and massage it for a few minutes. To get the desired results, this should be done on a regular basis.

  1. HONEY

Before bedtime, give your infant a teaspoon of honey. You can give your kid a tablespoon of honey mixed with milk for breakfast. A great at-home treatment for bedwetting is honey.



  • Cut back on the amount of liquids you consume in the evening;
  • Make your youngster use the restroom before bed; and
  • Change your baby's diapers or pull-ups at night.

Utilize the home cures and the advice provided. It's simple to assist your child in not peeing in bed.