A skin disorder called psoriasis can make a person feel miserable and affect their quality of life.

Given that it runs in families, we can infer that genes may potentially play a role in this. However, it can also happen when a defense mechanism overreacts, causing skin inflammation and flaking. Psoriasis can be successfully managed with the help of efficient home remedies despite being a long-lasting chronic disease.


  • Patches of psoriasis can differ in size and location.
  • Skin that is dry and cracked;
  • Skin that has red, swollen spots;
  • Skin that is itchy and burning, particularly under the breasts or buttocks.
  • Tiny bleeding spots when skin scales are removed.
  • Stiff, swollen, and painful joints
  • Rigged nails that are thick, pitted, or discoloured,
  • Similar plaques on both sides of the body at the same location, such as both knees and both elbows. 

Some useful home remedies to relieve Psoriasis


According to some studies, fresh aloe vera gel can lessen the redness and scaling brought on by psoriasis.


Numerous studies are being conducted on turmeric because of its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, or haldi as it is known in Hindi. The primary component of turmeric, curcumin, has the power to modify gene expression. Applying a coating of haldi and water paste is an option.


Along with many other health advantages, neem is well known for its antibacterial capabilities. Neem leaf juice can be made by pressing the leaves.

4. OATS 

Applying oat paste to the skin can also reduce dryness and redness.


The body is cleansed and detoxified when water and sea salt are combined to make a bath. If there are any open wounds or injuries, caution must be exercised because salt might induce a burning feeling.


  • Take a bath every day, but be careful because too much bathing might make your skin more dry. Instead of using hot water, use lukewarm water, and pat the skin dry rather than using towels.
  • Limit your time outside in the sun because sunburns might make your symptoms worse.
  • Don't drink or smoke.
  • Limit your diet to fruit juices and a balanced one.
  • Steer clear of extremely hot, sour, and spicy foods.