Pyelonephritis is typically brought on by a bacterial infection. This mainly refers to kidney illness. Because of this, the entire excretory system is impacted. The main causes of Pyelonephritis are obstruction in the urinary tract, a weakened immune system, complex diseases including diabetes, AIDS, kidney infections, and using a catheter for an extended period of time. Nausea, abdominal pains, fever, vomiting, and burning feeling are some of the usual symptoms of this infection.

Some useful home remedies to relieve Pyelonephritis



Studies show that this juice effectively heals bladder infections and prevents their recurrence to a great extent. Cranberry juice has the ability to effectively combat bacterial illness.

  • Drink 1 liter of cranberry juice that hasn't been sweetened.
  • Have it every day.
  • Due to other negative effects, it is advised against consuming more than 1 liter of cranberry juice every day.


Antibiotic properties of garlic are crucial. These aid in clearing the body's excretory system and eradicating the infection at its source.

  • Take three garlic cloves.
  • Eat them uncooked every day on an empty stomach.
  • Carry out step three.


Parsley has purifying properties. This helps the body efficiently drain out toxic substances and remove illnesses.

  • One tablespoon of parsley leaves should be crumbled.
  • Mix the crushed leaves with 1 cup of warm water.
  • Give it some time to steep.
  • Filter it.
  • Add honey to the mix.
  • Consume the solution twice daily.
  • To reap the benefits, repeat the practice for a few weeks.


There are anti-oxidant capabilities in yogurt. It stops the bacteria from harming the urinary tract's interior lining. Additionally, it improves how well the immune system works.

  • Consume two cups of yogurt.
  • Include fruit rich in fiber in the yogurt.
  • Eat it every day for a few weeks.


These natural therapies are incredibly beneficial and successful in treating pyelonephritis!