Pyorrhoea is a gum-related condition. Pain, bleeding, and inflammation are its hallmarks. The main signs and symptoms of this unpleasant condition include loosening of the teeth, foul smell, gum irritation, and pus discharges. Lack of good dental hygiene is the key contributor to this illness.

Another factor contributing to this painful illness is heredity. To treat Pyorrhea, there are certain medications that are accessible. Here are certain significant home treatments, though, that can be used to solve the issue quickly.

Some effective home remedies to treat Pyorrhea:


Onion is a fantastic natural cure for Pyorrhea.

  • For a while, keep some onion seeds and an onion in your mouth between your teeth.
  • This is quite effective because saliva will start to flow out of the mouth.
  • Repeat this procedure frequently.


Lemon peels are a crucial treatment for this gum condition since they greatly reduce inflammation.

  • Rub the lemon peels on your teeth.
  • This provides significant pain relief and greatly reduces gum discomfort.


Pomegranates are another natural treatment for Pyorrhea.

  • Crush some pomegranates in your hand.
  • Season it with a little salt and black pepper.
  • Gum-related problems can be effectively treated with this paste.
  • Massage it lightly into the gums. Gargle with warm water after that.


 Honey has fantastic antibacterial, anti-microbial, anti-septic, and other healing capabilities.

  • Apply some honey to the gums that are inflamed after brushing your teeth.
  • It effectively eliminates the gum infection.


Make a paste by chopping up some carrots and spinach. Squeeze the paste's juice out. Drink the juice three times per day. Pyorrhea can be effectively treated with this at-home cure, which also helps to eliminate the symptoms.


Guava is an extremely effective remedy for Pyorrhea. It works as a superb tonic for treating the teeth and treats bleeding, swelling, and pain. It aids in maintaining adequate dental hygiene. Guava leaves can be chewed as a fantastic home treatment.