Borage / Borago Officinalis

The Mexican mint, sometimes referred to as the Indian borage plant, is one of the most valuable herbs that has been growing in every mother's garden for many years. This herb has numerous medical uses, including the treatment of colds, coughs, and congestion. It is a perennial plant with short, velvety erect hair that has a pleasant scent. The margins of the heart-shaped leaves are scalloped. It can reach a maximum height of 50 centimeters.

Names in Different Languages

  • English Name : Indian borage, Indian mint, Country borage
  • Hindi Name : Patta ajwain, patherchur, amroda
  • Gujarathi Name : Ovapan
  • Bengali Name : Pathar
  • Kannada Name : sambranisoppu, sambrani, Doddapatre
  • Tamil Name : Karpoorvalli, kurputvallai
  • Gujarathi Name : Ovapan
  • Malayalam Name : Panikoorka
  • Telugu Name : Sugandavallekam, karuvacruvallai
  • Sanskrit Names

    1. Andhaka (due to flower coverings the flowers seem to be absent)
    2. Adhoh Mukha and adhah Mukha (flowers face downwards)
    3. Andha pushapaka (Flower is opposed by leaves)
    4. Amara pushpika (Flowers are beautiful)
    5. Gandha pushpika (Flowers have fragrance)
    6. Dhenujihva (Leaves resemble the cow’s tongue)
    7. Ramalu leaves (Hairy leaves)
    8. Shata Pushpa (which has a hundred flowers)


    Kapooravalli,  himasagar, and sugandhi, chronika, Parnika, ashmaribehda


    This herb, which has a hairy stem, is common throughout India. It can reach heights of one to five feet. Flowers that bear fruit in October are blue-white in color and bloom in August.

    Part Used:




    Hindi / Sanskrit


    Rasa (Taste)

    Katu, Tikta 

    Pungent, Bitter

    Guna (Qualities)



    Virya (Potency)



    Vipaka (Post-Digestive Taste)



    Karma (Action)

    Vata Kapha shamaka (decreases the vitiated vata and kapha dosha)

    Medicinal Uses

    1. Treats rhinitis and cough Internal Worms
    2. Enhances appetite and addresses indigestion
    3. Treats IBS and renal calculus
    4. Reduces the discomfort and irritability that centipedes cause
    5. Effective for dyspepsia
    6. This plant is also thought to be helpful in hridroga and vatavyadhi.

    Therapeutic Uses

    1. Cures Respiratory Disorders - Chew the leaves of Indian borage or make a tea from the leaves if you have a cold, sore throat, congested nose, or nasal and throat congestion. It contains compounds that function as expectorants, clearing the sinuses and removing mucus and phlegm from the respiratory tract. The immune system is also strengthened by this herb because it stops bacteria and other germs from settling in and growing in the tracts. If a clogged nose symptom exists, crush the leaves and take a deep breath.

    2. Contains Omega-6 Content - Omega-6 fatty acids like gamma-linolenic acid are among the volatile substances found in essential oil made from borage leaves. These fatty acids accelerate joint deterioration, which lessens arthritis. These are crucial for athletes, those with osteoporosis, and people whose bones and joints experience regular impact stress.

    3. Combats Stress and Anxiety - This herb's constituents and minerals have a slight calming effect on the body. People with excessive anxiety or persistent tension are frequently given this herb, especially in the form of tea, to help them relax and fall asleep soundly.

    4. Vitamins A and C -  Its high ascorbic acid content strengthens the immune system, while the carotenoids and vitamin A enhance eyesight, lessen oxidative stress on the eyes, and shield against macular degeneration.

    5. Improves Kidney Functioning - Borage works as a diuretic, encouraging urine to remove toxins from the body. As a result, it decreases the body's excesses of salt, water, and fat while maintaining kidney and lymphatic system health.

    6. Treats Fever - If a person has a cold and their primary symptom is a fever, they won't feel any better until the temperature goes down. This plant has a sudorific effect because it causes sweating, which speeds up the healing process by removing toxins through the skin.

    7. Treats Diarrhea and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) - It has been used for centuries to calm stomach troubles, ease IBS symptoms, and regulate digestion while reducing stomach inflammation.

    Other Uses

    Borage has culinary uses as well. "Tambuli" is a rice dish made with curd that is popular in Karnataka's coastal regions and Western Ghats. This herb's leaves are ground with curd and coconut before being fried in ghee with peppercorns and cumin.

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