Petha Mithai

One of the tasty Indian delicacies, Petha Mithai has several nutritional benefits. This delectable recipe uses ash gourd (Petha), a vegetable with a number of health advantages.



Ash gourds have minimal calories, making them a healthy alternative for people trying to reduce weight and diabetes. Ash gourd's water content and fiber are beneficial for treating acid reflux or indigestion. It is beneficial for treating peptic ulcers and getting rid of intestinal worms. Ash gourd is beneficial for treating insomnia, and is considered an excellent Ayurveda product for stress. It lessens acidity issues and aids in maintaining the healthy pH of the intestines. It aids in reducing fever and treating skin conditions. This vegetable's medicinal benefits include treatment of internal bleeding, dental issues, and urinary retention.


Ingredients to prepare Petha Mithai

  •  1 Kg Ash gourd
  • 600 Gms Sugar
  • 1 tablespoon Lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon Alum powder

Method to prepare Petha Mithai

  1. Peel the ash gourd after thoroughly washing it.

  1. Cut it in half and remove the seeds. Cube them in small pieces.

  1. Use a fork or other pointed object to prick these little pieces, and then place them in a big utensil. Pour enough water so that the items are completely submerged.

  1. Add the alum powder and cook over high heat for 12 to 15 minutes. Switch off the flame, take the Petha pieces out, and give them a good wash.

  1. To make the sugar syrup, heat four cups of water and four cups of sugar until the sugar is completely dissolved.

  1. To eliminate dirt, use lemon juice.

  1. Add the Petha (ash gourd) that has been previously boiled to the sugar syrup, and simmer it over a low flame until the Petha is mushy.

  1. Extinguish the flame, remove the Petha pieces, and store them separately to prevent sticking.

  1. Delicious Petha Mithai is ready.



  • Petha Mithai is beneficial for treating anemia since it raises RBC counts.
  • Beneficial to reduce high cholesterol levels.
  • Helpful for obese individuals to lose weight.
  • Good for indigestion and acidity because it helps to pacify the heat in the body.